I was a young girl with dreams. I was a young girl who wanted to do something I loved. I was a young girl who wanted to grow up being successful and feeling accomplished. 

Like most people, growing up my career aspirations changed. When I was a child, I wanted to be a firefighter. When I was in my early teens, I wanted to a fashion designer. When I was in my late teens, it was a lawyer. When I was studying in University, it was a print designer, then an art psychotherapist. Although my dreams changed, every time I had a new career goal, I had passion, the desire to learn, and the drive to be successful.

I am now slowly but starting to accept, that although I did not accomplish these career paths, and I am currently not using my degree after all the work and money put into it; ultimately each of my career ambitions led me to where I am today. If it was not for me not getting into my desired law school, which then led me on the path of a creative career journey, I would not have ended up at Loughborough University, studying for a degree in Textile Design. If I did not study for this degree, I would have not journeyed to London to complete a year working in industry. If it was not for me moving to London, my heart may not have found yoga, or at least not as quickly and as rapidly as it did; and when I found yoga, it was a whirlwind romance, that is still standing today. 

It is crazy to imagine the different lifestyle I would be living if I was a lawyer, yes maybe I would be more financially stable, or what life would be like if I was a designer, a passion which still lights my ignition. But teaching yoga fulfils more than I could have ever hoped. Seeing the light in students eyes light up in gratitude, seeing their desire to learn each time they step in the room, seeing the smile on their faces as they do their first inversion and sometimes even the tears in their eyes, shed in pure joy and emotional release from the clarity they have now found. There is no other journey I would rather be on, then the one I have just began. I have many future plans in which I hope to incorporate the artistic creativity of my degree, and future study I wish to complete on creative therapeutic practices. But for now I am content. I am enjoying exploring this amazing journey I am on. 

The motto of this post, is that I am here to tell you that it is ok. It is ok if you don't know what you want to do with your life. It is ok if you want to do too many things with your life. It is ok to not enjoy what you are doing right now. But if that is the case, remember that no path is permanent, being negative is going to encourage more negativity into your life, rather than changing the future. You have an option to find what inspires you, decide whether to trust in the universe, and then take that leap of faith.

Wherever you are, and whoever you are, as the years go by, we change as people, are lives change, the people in our lives change, be present in your life, here, now, today. Enjoy your life, live your life and be the light in every aspect of your life. Be passionate, be fearless and trust in your journey. All will come.

Namaste ~